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Seriously Healthy and Satisfying Snacks

December 19, 2012 by  
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by Mommy MD Guides blogger Jennifer Hanes, DO

Ready for some new snack ideas that are healthy and filling? Here are some of my favorite treats that have helped me lose more than 70 pounds. They are easy to prepare, easy on the wallet, and even easier on the waistline. The best part is that they are so scrumptious, even my children like them.

Apple Sandwich: Simply peel and slice the apple into thin sections and spread with peanut butter. This tastes so much better than simply putting peanut butter on apple slices because the peel is typically the bitter part of the fruit. Removing the skin results in a much sweeter crunch.

Kickin’ Sweet Potato: Put your spuds in a Crock-Pot on high for a couple of hours (or if you poke holes with a fork, you can cook in the microwave.) When the potato is cooked, simply sprinkle with cinnamon and cayenne pepper. The taste is so rich, there is really no need for extra butter or sugar. Bonus: The cinnamon and cayenne pepper both are friendly for your metabolism and can help remove those unwanted pounds.

Avocado is my motto: So simple. Slice the avocado and add a squeeze of fresh lime juice and a pinch of salt. So creamy. The citrus and salt complement the healthy fats perfectly. These babies are bursting with vitamins and make a great snack after a hot yoga class to replace those lost electrolytes, sodium, and potassium.

Easy-to-peel boiled eggs: So easy to boil ahead and have available any time. As discussed in my previous blog, adding a teaspoon of baking soda will soften the shell so they’re easy to peel.

Doctor Dip: If you eat this every day, it could keep us (doctors) away. This dip is a delight of high-protein goodness. If you use local honey, and eat this daily, it may help reduce your seasonal allergy suffering. It’s easy to make with three parts plain Greek yogurt, one part peanut butter, and a bit of honey to sweeten. Apples are a great fruit to use as a dip. Other healthy choices include bananas, grapes, and even pears.

Enjoy these tasty treats, knowing they will help you reach your size for success!

Dr. Jennifer Hanes is a nationally recognized, board-certified emergency and integrative medicine physician in Austin, Texas. She has lost 70 pounds and outlines those secrets in her upcoming book, The Princess Plan. It’s the only weight loss book written by a physician who has personally conquered obesity. You can connect with her (and even schedule a personal appointment by phone with the doctor) at www.DrHanes.com.


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