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How to Get Nordstrom Clothes on a Discount Budget

January 4, 2013 by  
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by Mommy MD Guide Jennifer Hanes, DO

In the past few years, I have switched from buying almost all of my clothes at a superstore while I shopped for groceries, to now shopping almost exclusively at Nordstrom. Despite the amazing clothes, I’m spending less money than before. Here are my secrets to saving at Nordstrom so you can reap the rewards.

The huge semi-annual sale. Every six months, Nordstrom has an end-of-season sale that is amazing. The first time I ever shopped there was during one of these sales. On that first visit, I purchased seven clothing items, including a pair of jeans and a dress. My total bill was less than $150. I recall that one of the tank tops was only $7.

The sale racks. The semi-annual sale is the only promoted sale by Nordstrom. However, at other times, there will be racks with discounted items. I like to dig in this rack to find treasures. I love their brand of long-sleeved yoga t-shirt. This season, fall colors were priced around $35. However, on the discounted rack, the spring colors were on sale for $13. So I picked up two jewel-tone shirts rather than the autumn-colored shirt. These Amber Sun brand tops are better quality and less expensive than the ones I saw while out getting groceries at the discount store.

Quality. This sounds simple, but it’s so true. The quality of Nordstrom products stands up to the most grueling wear and tear. As evidence, when I was first losing weight, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on bras that I planned to soon “out shrink.” So, I bought two bras, one nude and one black. This was a less-than-ideal move when gearing up for the hot Texas summer, because most of my tops are light colored. The point is that I wore the tan bra nearly every day for almost a year, through the heat, the 24-hour hospital shifts, and playing outside. It withstood literally hundreds of washings before I was able to trade it in for a smaller size.

Personal stylist. Even without an appointment, you can shop with a personal stylist who will help you look your very best. She knows the clothing selection and which brands fit the best for your body. For example, if you try on jeans but they are too big in the waist, your stylist will bring you other brands that are better fitted to your figure. The service is free of charge. As a woman losing weight, I relied on Shari (my stylist extraordinaire) to help me understand the elements of a properly fitting skirt and dress. I had worn baggy clothes for so long, I had no idea how to shop for smaller sizes. The professional service means you get clothes that fit your body and your life so your money is not wasted on ill-fitting merchandise.

Nordstrom rewards. They have an amazing rewards program that can be in the form of a credit card or associated with your debit account. With each purchase, you earn points that are applied to Nordstrom notes, a gift card to be used at the store. Depending upon how much you spend in a year, you can also earn special rewards like free alterations. Alterations were new to me until shopping at Nordstrom. Getting pants hemmed to the perfect length can turn an inexpensive pant into a million dollar look.

Planned purchases. Buying clothes at the grocery/superstore is often an impulse buy. We frequently toss a new hoodie or yoga pant into the cart—no need to try it on. Just walk by and grab. I now refrain from that wasteful spending. At Nordstrom, I have developed a relationship with my stylist and can e-mail her exactly the items I need. This way, I stop the impulse buys and stick with the essentials.

Customer service. Nordstrom is world-famous for their outstanding customer service. They are very generous about allowing returns. I had worn and washed a blouse when I noticed a snag; they exchanged it at no charge, whereas at other stores, I would have been out the cost of a new blouse. Definitely a money saver.

I realize it sounds like I work for the company, but for now, I’m just a very, very happy customer. One woman I inspired to shop at Nordstrom claims she now makes money because of it. How? Her bras were so uncomfortable that she couldn’t wait to get home from her nursing shift to literally get it off. However, the expert stylists were able to give her a proper fitting and find the perfect match for her unique, well-endowed chest on her petite frame. She claims now her back pain is better, and she routinely volunteers for overtime, simply from changing her bra. She says the Nordstrom bra fitting totally changed her life.

Have your got own Nordstrom success story? Share with us your secrets for the perfect, money-saving, Nordstrom experience. See you at Nordstrom!

Dr. Jennifer Hanes is a nationally recognized, board-certified emergency and integrative medicine physician in Austin, Texas. She has lost 70 pounds and outlines those secrets in her book, The Princess Plan. It is the only weight loss book written by a physician who has personally conquered obesity and is full of fashion tips, including navigating Nordstrom and so much more. You can connect with her at www.DrHanes.com, and even schedule your own phone appointment with Dr. Jen.



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