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Got Questions? These Mommy MD Guides Have Answers!

November 5, 2014 by  
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Breaking News Teen Years Mentalby Mommy MD Guide Jennifer Hanes, DO

Did you know that vomiting in boys can be a sign they need to have emergency surgery on their testicle? What if your spouse stepped on a rusty nail, do you need to see a doctor right away, or did you know that tetanus administration is often able to wait a day or two?  What if you could ask a doctor these questions, and get answers right away, even after clinic hours?  Now you can.

As the health category manager for eHow Now and a Mommy MD Guide, I am proud to announce that we have assembled a team of board certified physicians, who are all licensed in the United States who are online fifteen hours a day, seven days a week to answer your personal health questions.

The best part is that over half of our online physicians are Mommy MD Guides. That’s right, you can access a Mommy MD Guide, right form your laptop or smartphone. All you need to do is click this link, and start typing your question. During the hours of 8am – 11pm Central Time, you can chat online with one of our highly trained primary care physicians who can share with you those answers that you forgot to ask your own doctor or simply didn’t have time to discuss. As of the publication of this blog, you can get an answer for as little as $7.  That’s right, for the price of a cup of coffee, you can get real-time answers from a highly trained physician, often a Mommy MD Guide.

Susan Besser, MD, who you may know as a familiar voice on Mommy MD Guide blog talk radio, is one of our eHow Now health experts and shares this. “I enjoy working for eHow because its another way for me to teach.  Teaching people about their health is a very important part of being a family doctor (and a Mommy MD Guide because aren’t mommies the first teachers?). eHow gives me an opportunity to teach a wider number of people than those I see in my practice.”

Wondering what questions we can help you with?  Julie Graves, MD, Mommy MD Guide and eHow Now Health expert, has this to share. “Moms can check in the us at eHowNow to get up to date information on vaccines, nutrition, medications, normal child development – those kinds of questions we can help with right away.”

Click here to start your session with our physicians on eHow Experts. From pregnancy and birth to health ailments of elderly relatives, we cover it all. As a Mommy MD Guide and the physician manager on eHow Now, it would be our honor to assist you.


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