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Because motherhood necessitates invention!


Our newest book! The Mommy MD Guide to Losing Weight and Feeling Great is the fourth book in our Mommy MD Guides series. It features more than 500 tips that 50 doctors who are also mothers use to slim down, shape up, fight fatigue, boost mood, look great, and live better. The books will ship mid-November; preorder it now!



Our first book: The Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth
Dr.Spock is dead. Familiar pregnancy books are outdated. Neither of them speak to the mom who needs advice when her child cries in the night. To whom do women turn for the latest information and advice about conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood? The Mommy MD Guides.

The first book in our Mommy MD Guides book series, The Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth, is filled with tips that doctors who are also mothers use for their own families during their own pregnancies and births. To create it, we spoke with 60 doctors who are also mothers; we call them Mommy MD Guides. We spoke with many Mommy MD Guides who are still in the trenches with their babies. Some of them were even pregnant when we talked. We also spoke with Mommy MD Guides whose babies are grown up with babies of their own. They are Grammy MD Guides! Combined, these physicians have centuries of experience as doctors, and among them they have 146 children. The 900+ reassuring, trusted, and often even humorous tips in this book are presented in the Mommy MD Guides own words, and each tip is clearly attributed to the doctor who lived it.


Our second book: The Mommy MD Guide to Your Baby’s First Year
The second book in our Mommy MD Guides book series, The Mommy MD Guide to Your Baby’s First Year, is filled with more than 900 tips that 70 doctors who are also mothers use during their own babies’ first year. They’re experts, squared! Combined, they draw from hundreds of years of experience as physicians, and among them, they have 160 children! The Mommy MD Guide to Your Baby’s First Year offers tips on both the challenges and the celebrations of a baby’s first year. You’ll discover how Mommy MD Guides made it through challenges such as breastfeeding, getting the baby to sleep, and coping with stress. You’ll also learn how they enjoyed wonderful celebrations of a baby’s first year, such as introducing the baby to their family and friends, having playdates, and celebrating their babies’ first birthdays. This book is a reassuring look at a baby’s first year that’s filled with practical, actionable tips that work.

After all, if a physician juggling a busy practice and a hectic home life or a resident working 110 hours a week used a tip, no doubt it worked. And if it worked for her, it’ll likely work for you too./


Our third book: The Mommy MD Guide to the Toddler Years
To create this book, we talked with doctors who are also mothers about how they made it through their own children’s toddler years. We talked with ob-gyns, pediatricians, family physicians, cardiologists, dermatologist, psychiatrists, and more. And they’re all moms; some are even grand moms! These women have both their medical expertise and parenting experiences to draw from; they’re experts squared. If they used a tip, you can bet it’ll work for you too.

This book offers moms advice on all of the challenges–and also the celebrations–of the toddler years. We talk about sleep, feeding, and potty training and also trips, parties, and play dates!



Baby’s First Journal
Having a baby changes everything: Truer words were never said! For any new parent– even someone who used to be organized and “with it”–keeping it all together with a new baby is very, very challenging. You are everything to your baby, and your baby depends upon you to meet every need.

Baby’s First Journal is the tool that new parents desperately need to keep track of all the important details in their baby’s day–and to maintain their sanity! Tracking your baby’s feeding, diapering, and sleeping during the early weeks reveals patterns that can help your whole family settle into a new routine.


It’s News to You Keepsakes
Is someone you know expecting a baby? Maybe a friend or family member just welcomed a new addition. Is a friend or family member about to celebrate a milestone birthday? Are mom and dad approaching a big anniversary?

Veteran newspaper writers Sheri and Joe Berkery create It’s News to You keepsakes–customized newspaper/magazine-style pages to mark life’s biggest events. These keepsakes are the perfect gifts to mark any special occasion and really wow ‘em. It’s News to You keepsakes are unique, full-color pages, complete with a personalized story, photos, and fun facts about your special.


Lil’ Dressers Drawer Labels
Lil’ Dressers Drawer Labels for Kids are reusable labels that identify clothing stored in dresser drawers. Now your little dresser can find the right clothes and even help put them away! Your child can color the labels prior to placement, and once on the drawers, the labels help pre-readers with letter and word recognition, as well as with pre-math skills.

The labels are made with water-based ink, adhesive, and paper, making them safe and environmentally friendly.


Lunch Punch
Kiersten Jowett, a mother of three young children, invented the Lunch Punch to make lunch more fun for everyone. Parents struggle to make healthy meals that kids will actually eat.

The Lunch Punch cuts sandwiches into fun and interactive shapes while cutting off the crusts. The Lunch Punch is designed to capture the most amount of bread to minimize waste. It’s also tall and gentle on little helping hands.

The Lunch Punch comes in two fun patterns: Critter Cutters and Match & Munch.


Miracle Blanket
Invented by Mindi and Mike Gatten, parents of three sons, the Miracle Blanket helps babies sleep better, deeper, and longer. The blankets are made of 100% cotton, come in several colors, and one size fits up to four months. They come with a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

The Miracle Blanket is simple to use, and so very comfortable for babies to wear. Hundreds of thousands of well-rested babies—and their moms—can’t be wrong!

If you’re bothered by nasal congestion, a simple nose wash system called Nasopure can help. Developed by Hana R. Solomon, MD, Nasopure is the modern, comfortable, and easy nose wash that cleans away mucus as well as pollen, mold, dust, bacteria, and viruses.

It actually feels refreshing and soothing, not like the expected “water up your nose.”

Dr Hana’s Nasopure is available in either a 4- or 8-ounce bottle, 20 swish stick salt packets, and instructions and offers 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. It was developed by a pediatrician, using a mother’s wisdom. Visit www.Nasopure.com

Natural Calm
Stressed? Natural Calm can help. It’s a powder that contains magnesium. You dissolve it into a teeny bit of water, warm it, and it fizzes up. It comes in several organic flavors (sweetened with organic stevia), including raspberry-lemon, and it’s like drinking raspberry lemonade. It’s very calming, and it also helps with constipation.

Millions of people suffer from symptoms that can result from a lack of magnesium, including stress, fatigue, inability to sleep, muscle tension, anxiousness, nervousness, irritability, headaches, weakness, PMS, weakening bones, and abnormal heart rhythm.

You can buy Natural Calm for $15 to $16 online.


StrollAway Stroller Hangers
You’ve managed to fit three kids into a two-bedroom apartment. You’ve found a way for your Philippe Starck to live with your Fisher Price, your Noguchi with their Noggin.

Through clever storage and cool new modern designs in children’s gear, you finally have a place where your children and your style can happily coexist–.except for that stroller! It’s huge, it cost you a fortune, and it’s a necessity. But where do you put it? The neighbors scowl if you leave it in the hallway (illegal they say, as it’s a fire hazard).

It folds, but the fact that it’s on wheels makes it impossible to stay upright in a closet, and at about $1,000.00 a square foot in this city, it’s costing you a fortune in lost space!

Finally the solution: the StrollAway! Mommy Entrepreneur Mary Ann Malone created this over-the-door (no wall or door damage from screws) stroller storage system.

The information on MommyMDGuides.com is not intended to replace the diagnosis, treatment, and services of a physician. Always consult your physician or child care expert if you have any questions concerning your family's health. For severe or life-threatening conditions, seek immediate medical attention.