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Prep Kit for Ouchless Hair Removal

I had both of my children without a single speck of pain medication, but send me in for a bikini wax, and I’m climbing the walls freaking out about how much it will hurt.  I was thrilled to try BareEase.  I applied it at home 30 minutes before my wax appointment as per the package instructions. It worked so well that I could actually tell where I forgot to apply it for my wax when my aesthetician hit one of those spots!  BareEase definitely made the entire experience much more bearable. I think I was actually able to breathe while I got a bikini wax, which has never happened before!

Even following the waxing after I left and during the day, the area was much less tender and irritated than in the past.  I would love if my salon sold BareEase in case I forgot to apply it at home beforehand.  My aesthetician and I joked that they should tell people to come early for a glass of wine and their BareEase application. Then they might not even notice the bikini wax!
You can buy BareEase at Dermstore.com for $18. Visit BareEase.com for more information.

Sigrid Payne DaVeiga, MD, a mom of a seven-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter and a pediatric allergist with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, in Philadelphia, PA

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